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A short, experimental documentary film exploring the impact a drastic physical transformation can have on a relationship. 


Filmed sporadically over the course of a year, TOTALIS captures the story of a young man and his progression with Alopecia - a condition wherein the individual loses all body hair, often suddenly and without explanation or the knowledge of when, or if, it will ever grow back.


This is not merely a story about the pursuit of self-acceptance in the face of adversity, but an intimate look into the loss of identity in an increasingly image-conscious world - and how that loss can affect the intimate relationships of the person experiencing it.


This short was created under the wing of the Edinburgh College of Art’s FilmMedicine programme. A short teaser is available for viewing below. For access to the full short, please get in touch through our “Contact Us” portal.

Direction, Camera & Editing

Ciara Flint

Music by

Mark Holley


Amy Hardie

With thanks to

The FilmMedicine Department, ECA

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